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Upcoming Events
The next event, in association with Wines & Tours Ltd. is the planned wine-tour of "La Rioja, North Spain" from Wednesday eve 7th June to Sunday 11 June 2017. The first evening you will experience a Pintxo Bar Crawl to introduce the art of food & wine pairing conducted by Jose Ramon Jimenez Berger which presents you with an idea of what to expect during the following 3 days wine-tour in "La Rioja".

For more information, be sure to regularly visit website; www.winesandtours.co.uk/

Otherwise you can choose your own wine-tour holiday dates within Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Kefalonia, Santorini or Sardinia, which will be arranged for you. Please see www.winesandtours.co.uk/anytime-tours-the-concept/. For more information, please visit the Wines and Tours web pages at: www.winesandtours.co.uk. Telephone inquiries are FREE (from your landline or mobile) on + 44 (0) 800 135 7982 or simply send an email to;admin@winesandtours.co.uk For forthcoming events, Click here to enquire

The Pewsey Vale Wine Company (formed in September 1994), was run by, Nicholas Collis, but ceased trading in January 2015.

In tandem with Bill Warry - Nicholas continues to coordinate the development of Wines and Tours at home and overseas, but can be available for consultations on various wine-related activities - like:

  • Wine Tastings format
  • Tasting Notes on certain wines, via email
  • Sourcing specialist storage cabinets, wine racking & accessories.
  • Wineglasses, for hire
  • Wine Storage how and where
  • Food & Wine pairings
  • Ideas on Wine for Parties.

In association with both Wines and Tours (www.winesandtours.co.uk) Chateau Select Ltd., (www.billwarrywine.co.uk) stemming from our coalition with Vitoria Koi Wines, we continue to promote "wine tourism" at home, in Portugal and elsewhere overseas.